Country Days and Lodging.


At Rancho 'e Cuero you can enjoy a "Country Day" or you could chose to stay for one or several nights with the "Country Day with Overnight" option.
The following is our typical "Country Day":

  • In the morning, meeting with our guests in the "Meeting Point" established with them, 6 km away from the Lodges.
  • Transfer from the "Meeting Point" up to the Estancia, in new 4x4 pickup trucks, drived by the owners of the Estancia.
  • Reception in the Lodge with tea and coffee service, with homemade pastry.
  • Activities:
    • Exclusive horseback ridings in the Andes Mountain range. For these, first level horses are used, equipped with excellent and traditional saddles. Ridings are developed inside the estancia, in a very private environment, through breathtaking landscapes with exceptional views.
    • Trekking.
    • Adventure in 4x4 pickup trucks.
    • Photographic safari, with guanacos, red deer, condors and great variety of flora and fauna sightseeing.
    • Rainbow trout fishing on the local mountain stream.
  • Appetizer & Lunch:
    After the activities an appetizer is offered. This, normally consist in homemade "Empanadas", cheeses, and different others local preparations. It proceeds an Argentinean "asado de campo", with exclusively selected meat cuts, with a great variety of salads, sauces and regional preparations. Local homemade desserts. All meals include excellent wines from Mendoza and other non alcoholic beverages.
  • After lunch, the guests can choose between a relaxing moment by the river, to take a walk or enjoy some other activity.
  • In the afternoon, tea and coffee service is served with homemade pastry. Transfer back to the "Meeting Point".

The Country Day with Overnight includes also, the appetizer and dinner, accompanied also by excellent wines and sparkling wines. In the morning the breakfast is served, before Check Out.

Ask for the following special excursions:

  • Mina de Pinto (2700 m.a.s.l.) Ancient Indian exploitation located on a mountainside, where you appreciate astonishing views of our mountain range. In its surroundings you can observe remains of Indian civilizations. Seeing condors and guanaco droves is guaranteed!

  • Rancho'e Cuero Rock (3.222 m.a.s.l) A huge rock which gives the name to the ranch presents a particular shape that was used as a shelter when needed by Indians and gauchos long time ago. Along the way, unique views from the "Glaciar Nivero del Plata" can be appreciated. For Photo Safari lovers this is a fantastic excursion since there are numerous condors and guanaco droves that can be seen at a very short distance.

  • Glaciar Nivero del Plata (4.329 m.a.s.l.) Located in the south wall of "Cerro El Plata" (6310 m.a.s.l.), it has a 4 km long base and it has a vertical wall of approximately 2000 meters high. A spectacular emerald green lagoon mirrors the fascinating image of the glacier creating an impressive waterfall which gives origin to the fast -flowing stream that goes all along the estancia. During this excursion you can also practice Photo Safari, there are condors and guanacos, among other species that you can spy in their natural environment.