With spectacular views from our mountain range.


At only 16 kilometers from the "Glaciar Nivero del Plata" base, at the bank of a river thaw, the lodges, located at 2.454 m.a.s.l., catch the landscape greatness through big windows which allow guests to enjoy spectacular views from our mountain range. In both lodges you are immerse in a cozy atmosphere. Each corner of them, where designed for the comfort and enjoyment of our guests.

Regional building materials from the area have given "Nivero El Plata" and "Cerro Tupungato" lodges a unique warmth and lightening rooms. Our mountain style furnishings and decorations have been tastefully selected to make you feel at home, with themes and materials drawn from nature. Solid furniture, rugs, blankets and curtains, together with a typical Argentinean style: colorful ponchos, fringe throws, leather handcraft ornaments, spurs and riding crops give a personal seal to this friendly place.

Each Lodge has three suite double rooms, all different one to the other, with spectacular views to the mountains and river.